Top Performing Arts School in Dubai

Performing Arts Offering at Kent College Dubai

Kent College Dubai is a top international British Curriculum school in Dubai, with more than 135 years of tradition, history and legacy, owing to our close links with our sister school in Canterbury, England. As would be expected of a premium Dubai school, our Performing Arts Department is both dynamic and ambitious in its approach. It is a thriving and integral part of the school community, where students are encouraged to develop their creative skills and imagination both in lessons and through involvement in extracurricular activities (ECAs).

A high percentage of our students choose to become involved in a school production or Performing Arts Club at some point in their school life, whether treading the boards or experiencing life behind the scenes.

We offer all Performing Arts disciplines (Drama, Dance and Music) from Foundation Stage all the way through Junior School and into Senior School and offer an extensive range of ECAs, from school productions, theatre school, Musical Theatre Club, Improvisation workshops and various dance classes as well as Instrumental Lessons through our external provider ‘Inspire Music’.

As a school we believe in creating high end opportunities for our students and offer productions, performances and recitals throughout the year for different year groups of the  school, this includes both a Senior and Junior School production alternating between plays and musicals each year.

World Class Top Performing Arts School Facilities

The Performing Arts Department’s professional level facilities include:

  • Two Drama studios
  • Dance Studio
  • A recording studio
  • An Apple Mac Music Suite
  • Two Keyboard Labs for music
  • Several music practice rooms
  • Our state of the art Sir Tim Clarke Auditorium seats 500 people, with excellent acoustics for theatre productions.


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