Kent College Dubai is a Top British and IB school in Dubai offering the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP), the National Curriculum for England (both (i)GCSE and (i)A Level courses) as well as BTEC. Kent College Dubai school is registered as an examination centre with Pearson (Edexcel), AQA and Oxford AQA examination boards.

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If you require any further information, please contact our Examinations Manager, Mr Chéneau-Château exams@kentcollege.sch.ae

Examination Results:

Our GCSE Results vs. UK Averages:

Subject Entries127214241343
KCD A*-E (9-2)No Exams Sat100100100100
UK A*-E (9-2)94.498.398.399.699
KCD A*-C {9-4)No Exams Sat96979895
UK A*-C (9-4)66.366.967.376.377.1
KCD A*-A {9-7)No Exams Sat53434651
KCD A*-A {9-7)2020.520.826.228.9

Our A Level Results vs. UK Averages:

Subject Entries11307535
KCD A*- ENo Exams Sat100100100100
UK A* – E97.997.697.699.799.5
KCD A* – CNo Exams Sat60778597
UK A* – C77.47775.887.988.5
KCD A* – BNo Exams Sat30585783
UK A* – B53.15351.666.170.3
KCD A* – ANo Exams Sat20262451
UK A* – A26.326.425.238.644.8
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