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Kent College Dubai – Learner Profile

The Kent College Dubai Learner Profile is a set of attributes and values that we encourage our whole school community – students, staff and parents – to adopt. Our Learner Profile has been developed in collaboration with pupils and staff and equally reflects the KHDA’s vision for schools to develop 10 Key Character Traits.

These qualities are firmly embedded in learning and behaviour across our school. Pupils regularly consider the attributes of the Learner Profile and have a genuine understanding of each of the qualities, starting in the Foundation Stage and developing as the children move through the school.

Learner Profile

At Kent College Dubai, we believe that being open-minded is a firm foundation from which to grow. We articulate our thoughts to challenge every detail and use our creative minds to overcome obstacles. Our kind attitude towards others, and resilient approaches to solving problems utilise our resourceful nature, and demonstrate a principled approach. We believe in nurturing a culture where being reflective drives us forward; being ambitious helps us exceed expectations, and being courageous in our actions enables us to achieve our dreams.


We show respect, tolerance, compassion and empathy. We have a commitment to helping each other both within and outside the school community. We genuinely care about others and are consistently respectful of others in all our actions.


We keep trying, even when we find something challenging or face change; we work both independently and collaboratively to find solutions to existing challenges and in attempting new activities. We are resourceful, adaptable and persistent in the face of challenges and we learn from setbacks.


We are respectful and tolerant of all viewpoints embracing differences – we live in a multicultural environment, after all. We show tolerance and understanding to other views as well as to the rights to others. We demonstrate integrity and flexibility when solving problems.


We learn from our past experiences and the experiences of others. We are tolerant of others’ behaviour and we strive to strengthen and improve our personal, social and academic development.


We communicate clearly and effectively in a range of contexts, and in different languages, both verbal and written. We demonstrate integrity towards others, sharing our ideas and working together to achieve success. We listen to and reflect on the thoughts and ideas of others.


We demonstrate tolerance, respect and integrity towards each other. We take responsibility for our actions and their consequences. We know the difference  between right and wrong. We stand up for what we believe in.


We are able to explore and develop new ways of learning. We strive to be original and daring, to have the confidence to experiment and fail, to avoid making the first or most obvious choice. We are confident about being different. We do not  expect to be given the answers. We do not conform or follow standard patterns and rules. We can work outside our comfort zone and take risks.


We set ourselves attainable goals and show passion for our learning and wider achievements. We are driven by our own inner motivation to achieve in all areas of our learning. We take responsibility for our own participation and commitment to our learning journey.


We embrace risk-taking and are always ready for challenges. We are able to be positive about criticism and are not afraid to make mistakes. We use our knowledge and skills to think of ways to overcome challenges. We are willing to share our ideas and have the confidence and integrity to stand up for ourselves and others, and to speak up on issues that matter.


We are able to find and choose appropriate resources and skills to support our learning. We are tolerant towards different perspectives and approaches to tasks and are willing to experiment with ideas and alternatives. We take the lead and offer support and encouragement to others. We make the most of life.


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