Student Council

The Junior School Student Council

We aim to be the best British Primary School in Dubai, and what better way to achieve this than to allow our pupils’ voices and opinions to be heard, and for positive change and improvement to be implemented based on their opinions?

Our Student Council operates from Year 5 upwards

Members of each year group are elected by their peers and are responsible for listening to the ideas and concerns of their year group. They are then coached and mentored on how to escalate these ideas and concerns in order to effect real and positive change within the school.

All Student Council members meet on a regular basis in order to represent their peers and work towards further developing our school community and ensuring continuous improvement.

Students that are awarded the honour of serving on the Student Council benefit in the following ways:

  • Their confidence grows
  • They are coached on listening skills in order for their peers’ voices to be heard
  • Their Student Council activities are supported by their Senior Peers
  • They learn leadership skills
  • They feel proud of the very real contribution that they are making towards the school

A British Curriculum School in Dubai with various Graduation Pathways

Dubai offers a plethora of educational curriculums, the choice of which is a deeply personal one which depends very much on each individual pupil, and what they hope to achieve in their lives once they finish Senior School. It’s a tough choice, and we are often asked by Junior School Parents: “How do I know now, while my child is in Junior school, what graduation pathway will be suitable for them when they are in Senior School?” It’s a difficult call to make so early on in your child’s educational journey, and that is why at Kent College Dubai, we offer various graduation options for your child to choose from once they reach Senior School. We are a top international British Curriculum School (GCSE and A Levels), we offer BTEC in Performing Arts, Sports or Business, and we are an IB Candidate School.

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