Online Learning

Online Learning at Kent College Dubai

We are a Google School. This means that we have always used various cloud-based Google Applications in order to support and enable learning. Furthermore, these technologies are helping us to reach some of our sustainability goals as many projects and set homework can be done in a paperless environment.

Additional technologies that we use include:

  • Google apps for education (Google Classrooms, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Meets)
  • Purplemash for Maths and Age-appropriate Coding
  • Padlet for pupils to share their learning
  • Bug Club for Rewards-based e-reading
  • Times Tables Rock Stars and Numbots for Maths and numeracy skills
  • SeeSaw for secure sharing of classroom activities with parents

A Balanced Digital Philosophy for Online Learning:

We are a top international British Curriculum school in Dubai that embraces a digital philosophy that is balanced, agile and up-to-date. This philosophy has enabled us to move seamlessly to Online Learning when necessary or required. Students and Teaching staff were already actively using all of the technologies that we used to deliver elearning, and so we were and still are able to offer online learning with a moment’s notice.

Whilst we believe that book-based and in-person learning should take centre stage, we also believe that enabling technologies have a place in education because they will prepare our learners for the inevitable pervasiveness of technology that they will experience into the future. With this in mind, we believe in a healthy balance between technology and face-to-face to bring students a truly blended approach.

Given the current climate, we continue to offer online learning provisions for any students that may need to move to online learning on account of being identified as a close contact, or because they have elected to do so as a precautionary measure.


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