Welcome to Kent College Dubai Admissions! 

Kent College is a Top British school in Dubai. Admissions is open year-round with early registrations accepted through 2024! Please find below more information on getting started. We welcome pupils of all abilities, nationalities and religions who will benefit from the rigorous academic, personal and social programmes on offer. We are proud of our visible commitment to inclusion, diversity and international mindedness.

Admissions Enquiries and Visits

We invite all prospective parents and children to visit our school and fill our online application prior to their visit. Parents are welcomed to contact admissions by email at for any questions related to our fees or the admissions process.  

How to Apply

1. Complete the application form

Complete the applicable Application Form below

– Nursery School Application Form (from 45 days of age to pre-FS1 age)

– Foundation and Junior School Application Form (for FS1 to Year 6)

– Senior School Application Form (for Year 7 to Year 13)

2. Application Requirements:

Registration is complete when the supporting documentation has been provided to admissions and the AED500 registration fee has been paid.

This documentation includes:

  • A copy of the student’s passport
  • A copy of both sides of the student’s Emirates ID card (if available)
  • Copies of the last two school or nursery reports (must be translated to English)
  • Copies of relevant medical reports, learning support reports and/or educational psychologist assessments if applicable.

All private schools in Dubai are governed by the Dubai Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), which stipulates that parents of children transferring to Kent College Dubai need to present the school with a transfer certificate when transferring from another school in Dubai, or from an overseas school, or from a school in another Emirate. The only exception to this regulation is for children joining FS1, FS2 or Year 1 who have not already been enrolled in a Dubai school.

Please note that without the transfer certificate it will not be possible to register your child in school or with the Ministry of Education/KHDA.

  • The Transfer Certificate (TC) must be on an official school letterhead
  • The form needs to be completed on the student’s last day of attendance
  • It must be signed by the Principal and show an official school stamp
  • The original certificate must be presented prior to the first day of school.
  • The certificate must be in either English or Arabic

The original Transfer Certificate (TC) must contain the following information:

  • School information: Curriculum, whether it is a 12-grade or 13-year system, term/semester dates.
  • Student information: Full name and Date of Birth, date of leaving, and current or most recently completed grade/year group.
  • Status: Whether or not the student completed the year.

Attestation information:

Location of Your Child’s Current School:Stamps/Attestation Required:
DubaiKHDA attested transfer certificate provided by your child’s current school or last school attended.
North America, Western Europe and AustraliaSchool Principal’s signature and school stamp Attestation not required.
GCC countries (Bahrain, Kuwait, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, United Arab Emirates (excluding Dubai)School Principal’s signature and school stamp. Attestation by the Educational Authority in the Emirate or attestation by the Ministry of Education in the GCC country.
Middle East (except GCC countries), South and Central America, Asia, Russia and former Russian States, Eastern Europe, Africa and New ZealandSchool Principal’s Signature and school stamp. Attestation by the Ministry of Education of the country of origin. Attestation by UAE Consulate or Embassy in the origin country OR by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE.

3. Assessment

All children will be assessed prior to entry, ideally at Kent College Dubai. Children will offered a place at Kent College Dubai based on the strength of their most up to date school report. When needed, children will be invited for a CAT4 assessment computer based test, ideally in school. For overseas families, admissions team can facilitate the CAT4 test to be done online. If possible and when needed, we invite children to spend some time in a classroom for a taster morning. 

Assessments will be arranged by Admissions once the online application form, application fee and school reports have been submitted.

– Children joining the Foundation Stage will be assessed in an informal, play-based classroom setting for school readiness. Children must be toilet trained by the time of starting school. Foundation Stage assessments take place in small groups during January-March of the year of entry.

– Children joining the Junior School (Years 1-2) will meet with a Deputy Head or Head of Junior School for an age appropriate reading, writing and maths skills assessment. If possible and when needed, we invite children to spend some time in a classroom for a taster morning.

Age Placement Guidelines

Kent College Dubai aims to be the Best British School in Dubai. We follow the British National Curriculum, and as such we follow a 13 year school system that starts in FS1 in the year that students are 3 turning 4 years old, and finishes in Year 13 where students are 17 turning 18 years old.

The year group into which students are allocated depends on whether their birth date falls before 31 August, or after the 31st August of each year. Please note that these age bands are guidelines, and students will be placed in the appropriate year group only after an initial assessment at our school and in line with the KHDA guidelines.


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