Extra-curricular Activities Programme

At Kent College Dubai, we not only provide premium British Curriculum education, but believe that it is important to develop well-rounded pupils with wide interests. Our world class school facilities allow us to offer an wide and varied ECA provision for our pupils. This rich ECA programme runs from a number of venues both in and out of school. These non-academic experiences complement, in many ways, what your child will learn in school.

We firmly believe in the value of non-academic experiences for all pupils and recognise our responsibility as a school to offer ample provision for your child to pursue their personal interests, whatever they may be.

Why are ECA’s important for my child?

Extracurricular Activities set a base for your child’s development of non-academic soft skills. These skills are vital for your child to succeed not only now, but will be vital for future success and employability and include:

  • leadership
  • resilience
  • communication
  • critical thinking
  • time-management
  • creativity
  • citizenship
  • teamwork
  • self-expression
  • problem-solving
  • curiosity

Your child’s personal and academic development will be improved through active participation in the KCD ECA Programme which:

  • enhances socialisation
  • encourages a sense of self-identity
  • exposes hidden talents
  • celebrates individuality
  • develops personality
  • challenges elite performers

Our Inclusive ECA programme is designed to cater to the individual needs and abilities of all pupils and as such will support and promote accessibility for all whilst challenging elite performers, promoting further development of their outstanding talents.

Cost of ECAs

All pupils at KCD will be expected to choose at least one Extracurricular activity. These run before school, at lunchtime or after school. The majority of these activities are run by our own talented and enthusiastic teachers and are free of charge, but there are also some activities provided by external providers and their highly qualified staff. These activities are charged for separately and can be booked and paid for securely via our SchoolsBuddy App. Just Play and Inspire Music are examples of external companies that organise and coordinate some of our paid for ECAs. All other ECAs offered internally by Kent College Dubai are also bookable (limited seats) on SchoolsBuddy.

ECAs on offer for Junior School Pupils*:
ECAYear GroupDescription
Swim Squad – Year 5 and 65 – 6School Sports: Swim Squad
Beginners guitar by Inspire Music (Extra Charge)Y3&4Beginners Guitar club is an ensemble for instrumental pupils wishing to develop their beginner Guitar skills as part of an ensemble lead by staff from Inspire Music. Pupils must be able to read music at a basic level.Please note that there is an extra charge for this ECA. Price enquiries can be sent to: admin@inspiremusic.me
U8 Boys Football – FIXTURE3School Sports: Football Fixture
U9 Boys Football – FIXTURE4School Sports: Football Fixture
U8 Girls Netball – FIXTURE3School Sports: Netball Fixture
U9 Girls Netball – FIXTURE4School Sports: Netball Fixture
Recorder Ensemble3-6Learn to play recorder as part of an ensemble. Improve your music reading and performance skills and get ready for a performance at the end of term. *Pupils can borrow a recorder from school if they don’t have one.
Aladdin Production (Pre Selected to start at 3:45-5:15)6-13Students will act in our school musical production: Aladdin -the on-stage show which will be presented to parents and pupils will be in November.
Yoga1-2This is a chance to be a creative chameleon and use different materials to create some fantastic artwork.
Jigsaw Puzzle Club4 & 5Every week there will be a different focus from learning about nutrition to using equipment in the kitchen. Parents will be asked to send in ingredients for particular weeks.
Art Attack3 & 4This is a chance to be a creative chameleon and use different materials to create some fantastic artwork.
Mindful colouring in3 – 6 Relaxing and calming colouring in to calm your brains after a busy day.
Junior Woodwork5 & 6Developing skills with woodwork, our finished pieces will go on to form part of the first KCD garden areas. Hammers, nails, drills, saws, sanders… you name it, we will be using it to make and build fantastic things… in a safe manner of course.
Crossfit5Crossfit fun to build stamina and fitness!
Formula Ethara4 – 6Ethara is a project incorporating STEAM subjects through producing small-scale model race cars made from paper card, offering pupils a team-orientated platform that focuses on design, simple CAD/CAM technology, graphics, art, science, maths, literacy and enterprise. The excitement is maximised on race day when pupils get to test their cars on the Race track! Who is the fastest racer?
Indoor and Outdoor Games2 & 3After a hard day at school, come and rest your mind and body including yoga and art activities.
JMUN6Junior Model United Nations is an academic simulation of the United Nations where students play the role of delegates from different countries and attempt to solve real world issues with the policies and perspectives of their assigned country. Skills students develop are critical thinking, problem solving, and public speaking.
Watercolour Art5 & 6Come and enjoy the art of painting with watercolours.
CAS6Pre-selected students will take part in the first aspect of their CAS ECA. Students will spend 8 weeks working with Vikings Surf Academy learning lifesaving skills.
Drawing Club2Discover new tips on how to draw, get creative and have lots of fun!
Qur’an Club3 – 6In Qur’an club, we would like to improve pupils Tajweed and memorization skills depending on their level in recitation
Swim squad6 & 7School Sports: Swim Squad
U8 – U10 Cross – Country3 – 5School Sports: Cross Country
U8 – U11 Girls Netball – Development3 – 6This ECA is for students who love playing netball or who have never played before.
Swim Squad – Year 3 + 45 & 6School Sports: Swim Squad
JS Dance Club1 – 3This Dance ECA will be open to students from Year 1 to 3 and will cover a variety of Dance Styles and Genres (depending on the students who sign up, this could include Ballet, Street Jazz and Contemporary). Students will work on strength, coordination and flexibility but most of all have fun and enjoy Dancing.
Theatre Improv4 – 6Want to have fun while learning to think quickly and creatively? This is a chance to start learning the “Yes and…” philosophy that will make you feel more confident.
Junior Journalist6This ECA sees pupils learning all sorts of journalism skills such as photography, writing, editing, page layouts and design. The end result is a school newspaper covering the term’s news and topics!
Forest School2 – 3Explore your natural environment, find out about living things in their habitats and raise your awareness of a sustainable lifestyle. You will undertake a range of practical activities, develop team working skills, learn about local flora and fauna through exploration and hands-on experiences in a ‘natural setting’.
Art Attack2 & 3This is a chance to be a creative chameleon and use different materials to create some fantastic artwork.
Photography club3 – 6Do you fancy testing out your photography and editing skills? If so then this is the club for you! Each week we will have a different focus and have a chance to explore the world of photography.
Hama Beads club2Be a creative chameleon and make some colourful Hama bead masterpieces to take home. This is a great ECA for practising our fine motor skills.
Coding club3 & 4Learn how to code,debug and play your own games using Scratch!
Lego Club2 – 4Our Lego ECA is an opportunity to work on some super creative Lego builds!
Choir club2 – 4An opportunity to practice your best singing voices by learning and singing fun songs together
Zen Den1 – 2Children will learn various ways to keep ‘zen’
Guitar and Bass guitar – Invite only6This is an invite only club for children previously at the advanced level of Ukulele club.
Super Silly Science4 – 6Students will plan and carry out a variety of exciting Science experiments in the Science lab.
TTRS3 – 6Do you want to earn more coins for your character whilst improving your times tables? If so, come and battle against your friends every Tuesday. We will be working on improving our scores and knowledge of times tables.
Kahoot Quizzes5A fun way to test your general knowledge and knowledge of topics covered in school.
Chess Club3 – 6Pupils joining our chess club will exercise the most important organ in the body: the brain. Join us to spark your creativity and increase problem-solving skills.
U8 / U9 / U10 Boys Football – Open Training4 – 5Football Open Training
Dance Competition (Audition based)5 – 6This Dance ECA is for students on an audition only basis. This ECA will lead to attending competitions and Dance events where students will represent KCD. Style and Genres will depend on the upcoming events, however regular lessons will work on technique, strength and flexibility.
U10 Boys Football – FIXTURE5School Sports: Football Fixture
U11A and U11B Boys Football – FIXTURE6School Sports: Football Fixture
U10 Girls Netball – FIXTURE5School Sports: Netball Fixture
U11 Girls Netball – FIXTURE6School Sports: Netball Fixture
Swim Squad – Year 3 – 43 & 4School Sports: Netball Fixture
Original Mix DJs (Extra charge)2 – 6ORIGINAL MIX DJs aims to provide a fun and hands-on introduction to DJing to young DJs and music lovers alike. The student will learn about the DJ equipment and the fundamentals of beat matching, mixing, looping and scratching. Different types of music and genres will be listened to and played, with hints and tips being provided by our professional DJ along the way. Students will require an iPad for this ECA. Please note that there will be an extra charge for this ECA. Price enquiries can be sent to: enquiries@originalmixdjs.com.
U11 Boys Football – Open Training6School Sports: Football Training
U10 – U14 Cross – Country5 – 9School Sports: Cross Country
U8 Mixed Football – Development3This ECA is for students who love playing football or who have never played before.
U9 Mixed Football – Development4This ECA is for students who love playing football or who have never played before.
U10 Mixed Football – Development5This ECA is for students who love playing football or who have never played before.
U11 Mixed Football – Development6This ECA is for students who love playing football or who have never played before.
Swim Squad – 53 – 6School Sports: Swim Squad
Aladdin Production (Pre Selected to start at 3:45-5:15)6Students will act in our school musical production: Aladdin -the on-stage show which will be presented to parents and pupils will be in November.
G+T Art project5 & 6This is an invite only ECA for identified GT children in collaboration with Foundry Art Gallery on Dubai Boulevard.
iPad App Explorer3 & 4This ECA is for students who want to be able to use thir Ipad for more than just playing games. We will be exploring Apps that allow for content creation, manipulating existing content as well as looking at some amazing AR,VR abilities available on the IPad.
Sewing3 & 4This ECA is for students who would like to develop basic sewing skills and stitches.
Maths Club5 & 6This ECA will involve maths puzzles and fun challenges all about maths.
Digital Graphic Design/ Marketing5 & 6This ECA uses digital websites to create a range of different posters and resources for a purpose.
Debate Club5 & 6This ECA will allow children to develop their critical thinking and oracy skills.
Cooking Club6 (12 children max)Come and learn to cook some simple, fun recipes. Great for starting off your cooking skills
Irish Dancing3 & 4Come and learn some basic Irish dancing steps and try out some céilí dances!
Paper Plate Art2 & 3Let’s get crafty and turn a simple paper plate into some wonderful art.
Just Dance2 & 3This ECA is for children who enjoy dancing and joining in with choreographed dance routines.
Building Club2Think innovatively and creatively to design, make and build exciting sculptures from various materials.
Maths Games2 & 3Maths skills in a super-fun environment!
Board games3Want to battle for the title of ‘board game pro’? Fancy learning some new games? Join us in this board game ECA to put your skills to the test!
Happy, Healthy Me4 & 5Learn about how to stay happy and healthy through a variety of different activities including learning about the food groups, making fruit kebabs, mindfulness and meditation, yoga etc.
Art hub sketch club4-6Get creative and have fun as you paint wonderful pieces of art. We will also do step by step guided drawing projects to develop your fine motor skills.
Book club2-3Read books, create your own and rewrite your favourite stories.
Board games2Board games are a fun way to learn how to play with others. Through games you will be improving your problem solving skills, developing patience and improving your understanding of winning and losing gracefully whilst making new friends.

*Please note that ECAs are offered per term on a rotational basis – not all ECAs are available for the whole year – sports, for example are seasonal, and not all ECAs are open to all year groups. We endeavour to spread the ECAs across the different year groups throughout the year so that each year group has a varied offering each term spaces are limited.


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